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Gema Martin Madrid - Fashion Designer

Creating the Gema Martin Madrid brand for me means creating something much more than a women's fashion brand. Today I create every design thinking about the concept of a strong woman, a modern woman, a feminine woman, but above all a free woman. I decided to install the atelier in Spain because the Spanish fashion evokes in me all the above mentioned, in addition, I met a group of artisans in a small village in central Spain and it was clear that my garments would be made with the same care and good know-how. 

I have Spanish roots, but I consider myself a citizen of the world. I have lived in France, Africa and the Middle East, so all cultures are part of my inspiration. I love the mix of cultures and I think it is through them that we can create not only incredible collections, we can also nurture each other. The different gazes with which we see the same world enrich us, always through respect and admiration for each other. 

Since I was little I knew that it was the world of fashion where I wanted to develop my professional career. I remember that my older sister brought magazines from the Cibeles fashion catwalk, saw the photographs of the great collections of the Haute Couture and recreated me thinking that someday I would be there. Childhood dreams, I don't think I even had the dimension of what that meant. 

I first worked as a stylist in Paris. When people from the circle around me started asking me for advice on how to dress for certain events or which accessories to use, it was when I decided to open my own beauty blog. Together with my friend model Zoza we created "The Temple of Beauty" and it was after starting my own project, that I made the leap to design. 

I decided to go into Pret a Couture fashion because I think it encompasses everything I look for in fashion. High quality garments, elaborated in a handmade way, exclusive for the needs of each client, but without losing the focus of being able to include not only a select group, but to open the fan beyond haute couture. 

I launch an annual collection because I believe in timeless fashion, I think the present of fashion is based on making versatile and quality garments. I want my clients to be able to enjoy the piece of clothing they like the most, no matter if it's winter or summer. Creating a good wardrobe is very important, the details are what make the difference. And that is the basis of my work.

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