Parterre for international stars, icon of glamorous luxury, crossroads of amorous intrigues to the beat of authentic rock. Welcome to the most intriguing California castle in Los Angeles: the Chateau Marmont. Not only an historic hotel, but a charming symbol of celebrity culture.

With an enchanting trip to West Hollywood, Genny Creative Director Sara Cavazza Facchini brings the Cruise Spring / Summer 2023 collection to the splendor of Sunset Boulevard, dreaming of Seventies and Eighties atmospheres. Shining and having fun on sparkling dance-floor, bright as suits and long dresses made in opulent fabrics printed with luxurious orchids: Genny's unmissable and unique floral feature.

Blouses, bustiers and suits worn on skin. A setup of luminous femininity not giving up on masculine touch, evoking the charm of actresses and models such as Charlotte Rampling and Patti Hansen, posing for the great photographer Helmut Newton against the backdrop of the Chateau Marmont. Shiny blazers infuse sensuality to the most structured suits, together with enchanting pearly trench coats. And so is the shirt: soft, iridescent, sparkling in the dark. Not forgetting small jackets closed by enameled buttons, revisiting a precious style detail dear to the Genny heritage.

Essential miniskirts, fluid long-dresses and sinuous pencil skirts ennoble the body with never excessive voluptuous shapes. As for the sensuality of an icon like Romy Schneider, necklines profiled by shiny fabrics combine nocturnal elegance with a disco-fever style, choosing sequined fabrics for very special evenings.

A special glamour that flourishes among orchids worn in collier around the neck, evoking the charm of a Seventies diva. Orchid corollas that bloom with a soft three-dimensionality on sandals adorned with petals in metal and suède leather.

The chromatic choices are also harmonious, fading between sorbet colors as lilac, mint green, peach and baby pink. Alluring knit dresses, unmissable Genny style icon, reborn renewed in colors and details as plunging necklines and pleated inserts, defining its feminine architecture. Ready for the next cocktail, on the streets of Sunset Boulevard.