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Genny opens its new boutique in Milan city centre

Genny is opening the doors to its new boutique in Milan and has chosen lovely Via della Spiga, 8, the heart and soul of glamour and fashion in Milan, as its location.

The concept for about 110 m2 space was designed by Sara Cavazza Facchini, the brand’s creative director, whose intention was to visualise the creative process that has always made any garment by Genny so special.

White is a colour that the Maison adores, and here it acts as a leitmotiv throughout the boutique. The candour of the luxurious matt finish of the marble flooring, of the reflective surfaces of the wall coverings, and of the sumptuous white silk drapes underscores the sophistication of the garments.

The art deco-style furnishings are framed by the sleek, pale gold arches of the rails, forming gentle niches with a three-dimensional texture in plaster, recalling the lightness of chiffon dresses and the supple movement of silk.

The attention and care to detail is also revealed in the metal shelving systems, where an ethereal and opulent golden pattern is encapsulated in the crystal shelves.

The latest-generation maxi Led Wall at the entrance adds a hi-tech and contemporary element to the boutique, showing visitors a portrait of the Maison in videos and exclusive photos.

Pastel seating and white plaster orchids in the elegant fitting room usher customers into a comfort zone, expressing a very intimate interpretation of femininity and assuring an inclusive experience of the allure of Genny.


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