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Behind the new Genny Pre-Fall 2023 collection is the inspiration of a cosmopolitan and eclectic young French woman, a "femme Parisienne" who wears fashion with joy and elegance. The collection is composed of looks that hold an excellent mix of daywear and eveningwear through the contrast of fabrics, embroideries, colors, and textures.

For daywear, the Genny woman chooses masculine jackets with hyper-feminine details, single-collar tuxedos, robe-manteau in luminescent printed fabrics, and chevrons with fur details.

As the Genny woman transitions into the Parisienne night, her looks become more colorful holding a palette story inspired by a panoramic Ferris wheel ride: neons, coral, red, grasshopper green, blue, and nude colors, reflecting a liquid palette that creates fluidity & femininity to the silhouettes. The iconic Genny white is re-interpreted in this collection, making its way onto shirts, dresses, and details that instantly illuminate.

The collection also included knitwear interpreted in neon colors, with the classic "Yarn Horizontal Transparent" stitch that goes through on two newly introduced fabrics "Chenille" and "Chenille Lurex" created specifically for Genny. To complement the looks, rhinestone-mesh shoes and bags were embellished with Maison’s iconic symbol, the orchid logo.


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