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Henry Jacques presents the third and final chapter of its incredible Toupies collection

A brand new launch by French Haute Parfumerie Henry Jacques, Fanfan & Galileo are the third and final perfumes in the striking, limited edition Les Toupies series.

Les Toupies are a new addition to Henry Jacques’ rare collection of Masterpieces, a new story within its playful realm of emotions and storytelling. Les Toupies. The Spinning Tops. Exquisite flacons, always in pairs – similar in form yet entirely different – unlike anything perfumery has seen before. Playful and evocative, telling a story of many characters, many lives, many great romances.

Fanfan & Galileo are the most curved and rounded Toupies of them all. There is a certain swing to their personality, a natural marriage of exuberance and intimate emotions, a dreamt romance.

Galileo’s Patchouli notes are filled with strength and poetry. A European scent, manly yet tender that will never leave one in indifference. The Lavender and Italian Mandarin provide its youthful charms while Tobacco, Myrrh and Amber awake a decadent and luxurious side, a yearning for the many pleasures of life. 

Fanfan is soft, a touching fragrance, with a rare intensity. While the hint of Lavender weaves a subtle link with Galileo, Saffron and Rose Damascenia carry Fanfan beyond the seas. Despite its complex layers, Fafan remains a very Parisian perfume by nature, as graceful as it is unpretentious. 

A technical and artistic breakthrough for Great Perfumery

Over the course of three years of development, every detail of Les Toupies was scrutinized by Henry Jacques Artistic Director Christophe Tollemer. His challenge was to design a series of flacons that would be multifaceted yet symmetrical, with no central point and yet possessing a stable axis, so that they can safely hold the most precious essences. Transforming these lines into three-dimensional crystal objects was a daunting task for the artisans specially commissioned by the Maison. 

Strong in form yet delicate in detail, the precious crystal bottles are made entirely by hand, painstakingly crafted into complex patterns of planes and angles, faceted like gemstones in order to capture and reflect the light and evoke the character of the fragrance within. 

Galileo Opening: Lavender – Mandarin (Italy) – Geranium 

Heart: Patchouli – Myrrh – Benzoin (Siam) 

Trail: Oak Moss – Tobacco – Amber 

Fanfan Opening: Saffron – Lavender – Geranium (Egypt) 

Heart: Indian Sandalwood – Rose Damascenia 

Trail: Cedar Wood (Morocco) – Leather – Amber

Fanfan & Galileo are available in all Henry Jacques boutiques from mid December 2019. 

Fanfan is priced at QAR 23,145, and Galileo at QAR 31,370.


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