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Award-winning, affordable, high-performance skincare brand powered by naturally mineral-rich Himalayan spring water soon to launch in the GCC through Lifestyle Stores.

Harnessing the hydrating and healing powers of naturally balanced Himalayan spring water is at the core of Herbal Essentials’ highly effective solutions for modern day skin concerns. With its key principles rooted in nature, the brand addresses skin concerns of consumers needing balance through its affordable, ethical, and high-performing skincare solutions, which will soon be available in Lifestyle stores.

Herbal Essentials founder, Aly Rahimtoola comments; “Our aim at Herbal Essentials has always been to offer high-performance, natural and affordable skincare to everyone. I’m thrilled that we can partner with Lifestyle, an iconic retail brand, so that our award-winning products are accessible both online and exclusively instore throughout the GCC region."

Ruban Shanmugarajah, CEO of Lifestyle Stores commented “We are very excited to add Herbal Essentials to our roster of coveted natural skincare brands at Lifestyle. This beautifully formulated skincare brand is committed to delivering on the promise of being sustainable while benefiting the skin with high quality products. Herbal Essentials brings affordability to the forefront with quality ingredients at an affordable price point which is one our pillars at Lifestyle and we are confident our customers will love the products from the moment they try them out.”

Healthy, youthful looking skin depends on optimum levels of minerals. These minerals act as catalysts for many biological reactions necessary for helping maintain beautiful skin. The water has undergone vigorous testing and has been clinically proven to visibly support skin cell turnover.

Herbal Essentials uses Himalayan spring water as the source of enrichment for its skincare solutions., The magical water distils through layers of mineral-rich rock and sand. These nutrients are necessary for enriching the skin naturally. When combined with potent active botanicals, they become the perfect solutions for creating and maintaining healthy, radiant, and youthful skin.

Himalayan Spring Water contains unique combinations of the following minerals:

· CALCIUM Helps renew skin cells and supports antioxidant production.

· MAGNESIUM Known to support the skin barrier, visibly reduce redness and can help calm sensitive skin.

· POTASSIUM Deeply moisturises and boosts antioxidant production.

With its mission to rediscover wellness and optimize skin health, Herbal Essentials introduces natural, high-quality, affordable skincare solutions. This is primarily done by combining pure Himalayan spring water with active plant botanicals and ancient Ayurvedic Ingredients that have long been known for their wellness benefits. Inspired by the power of Ayurvedic ingredients, Herbal Essentials’ natural skincare products derive their efficacy from the perfect blend of ancient beauty wisdom and science to tackle modern day skin concerns.

Herbal Essentials products are cruelty free and with at least 90% natural origin content with an innovative INCI list that includes no nasties such as no mineral oils, sulphates or parabens.

Herbal Essentials skincare will be available to purchase at Lifestyle Stores and online at in the UAE from March 25th and KSA from April 8th.

For more information and to keep up with the latest news, follow Herbal Essentials on Instagram @Herbal_Essentials.

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