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After the major success of the innovative Beautifect Box, founder Dr. Tara Lalvani has launched the ultimate beauty upgrade – a Limited Edition luxury matte Gold Beautifect Box. Beautifect continues to innovate and launch new beauty tools that will simplify and perfect daily makeup and beauty routines. Common to all Beautifect products is the extensive research and testing that goes into creating these high-quality and innovative products for an outstanding user experience like no other.

Refined for your enjoyment; the opulent Beautifect Box Gold, featuring an ultra-high capacity, long lasting battery for supreme brightness is the epitome of luxury beauty. The remarkable design combines all the impressive revolutionary features of the Beautifect Box and affords you optimum convenience and portability whilst delivering professional results; you can be sure to look and feel your best every single day with minimal effort and maximum enjoyment.

Catering to the beauty conscious and those with a busy luxury lifestyle; the Beautifect Box consists of an advanced lighting system so you can see true to life colours and shades for any occasion. 5 innovative lighting colour modes with powerful LED even glow technology including the perfect daylight quality lighting with a CRI of 90+, all with 3 brightness settings to tailor to your needs. There is no better way to do your makeup every day or to store your beauty essentials than with the Beautifect Box.

Spacious compartments and wings store and effortlessly organize your essential makeup and a magic hinge allows you to angle and hold the distortion free glass mirror to any position, meaning you can sit back in comfort and do your makeup wherever suits you best.

With a single charge lasting up to one month; this rechargeable and cordless luxury vanity case offers the ultimate portability for the best user experience; you never need to be tied down to one place to do your makeup ever again and you’ll always have the best lighting! Get flawless makeup anywhere with half the effort and in half the time; but look and feel twice as good.


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