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Isabel Marant Unveils Pre-Fall 2022 Collection

Under the influence of the 90’s, the Isabel Marant Pre-Fall 2022 collection paves the way for a minimalistic winter. The collection focuses on a selection of eclectic essentials shaping the slender Isabel Marant silhouette with a boyish look.

High-waisted pants only show the metallic tip of this season’s boots while legs are revealed under miniskirts and sleek mesh bodysuits. Their millefiori signature motif, inspired by the craft of glass mosaic, brings psychedelia to a collection in autumnal hues punctuated with acid pink, pale yellow and ultraviolet purple. Blue shows up on bleached denim pieces worn in total look.

The Isabel Marant girl, her hands dipped in her pockets, impresses with her nonchalance and the way she mixes styles and genres. She wears a vintage silk dress underneath a men’s oversized shoulder jacket and matches a pair of jeans with a transparent top crafted from draped fabric which subtly outlines the shape of a corset. It’s all about the 90’s.


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