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It’s So Simple health & fitness programme

The most powerful accountability system to help you feel fitter, leaner and in control

It’s So Simple, an online programme for the mind and body founded by fitness coach Rachael Sacerdoti, has been spreading across the globe and increasingly grown in the UAE in the last two years. Born out of the pandemic and currently receiving growing interest from clients in the Emirates, the programme eliminates the complexity of weight loss and staying fit.

It’s So Simple is a new fitness and wellbeing community, offering online coaching programmes rooted in the fundamental principles of mindful connection and self- transformation.

Coach Rachael, who was born to an Iraqi family and now resides in the UK, developed It’s So Simple programme based on her own journey, combined with a wealth of knowledge gained across the fields of nutrition and exercise and passion to help empower women. She said, “After so many years of trying every fad diet under the sun and having worked with numerous trainers, I did not achieve my goal until I discovered the tools and techniques, which we now utilize in the programme. My transformation led to a number of friends asking for help to achieve the same, and spiraled to a group of more than 700 women from all over the world.”

Through It’s So Simple, women get to support women. Rachael continues, “I cannot take credit for the overall success of women in our community. Education is one thing but it needs to be complemented with a strong sense of accountability and community. And we are excited to welcome women from the UAE to our community, achieving beyond our goals, some which we never thought possible.”

Suitable for every age, size, and ability, It’s So Simple focuses on helping clients become better, healthier versions of themselves, inside and out. Offering life- changing results with its unique method, the programme is structured upon four pillars; fitness, nutrition, accountability and community. Combining fitness and nutrition the programme becomes a sustainable way of life which will reverse your metabolic age and allow you to keep your results.

Each client follows a fitness app whilst receiving a combination of a fitness guide to learn how to maximise results with the right type of exercise, a nutrition guide on food choice and a balanced approach for a sustainable lifestyle, personal support for a progress check-in with your coaches, while at the same time dynamic community support.

Providing a safe space, this supportive network gives space for development and growth, while empowering and educating, giving each client the knowledge to establish lifelong habitual change.

For more information, please visit the official website on or on Instagram @itssosimple_rs.


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