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Jubail Island Investment Company (JIIC) has unveiled details of Ain Al Maha village, the latest waterfront residential neighborhood to be added to the Jubail Island project. This marks a significant milestone in the development of Jubail Island into a luxurious residential community and haven of upscale living in the capital.

Following Jubail Island’s unprecedented demand, with 90% of the current inventory sold-out, the launch of Ain Al Maha is testament to the strong real estate market in the capital.

Construction work is well underway for Jubail Island, with 95 percent of infrastructure completed while 40 percent of the villas are under construction.

Scheduled to be completed by Q1 2025, the new residential project, which will include 240 waterfront villas, will span 153 hectares. It will be situated on the southern edge of Jubail Island, surrounded by water and beautiful environmental nature.

To be built alongside an Estuary Park and an water channel, the village will comprise a series of premium sea view residences, offering spectacular views of the mangroves on the island.

The new release within the Jubail Island’s development reaffirms JIIC’s confidence in Abu Dhabi’s flourishing real estate market and will support the steady and healthy growth of the economy of Abu Dhabi and the UAE.

The project will also include enhancing the coasts and natural water channels for Ain Al Maha, developing Ain Al Maha into an Island within an Island that will see half of the Villas facing the waterfront.

The village has been intricately designed to redefine the living experience, offering a balanced, open space for residents while creating extensive nature-based areas.

A vital feature of the village is the parks and children’s play areas. Spanning over 92,000 square metres, the parks allow residents and visitors to live a healthy lifestyle by enjoying a stroll and participating in sports activities in the specialised areas that include a purpose-built running track and athletic courts.

As well as the homes, the village will include two landmark community centres, offering a combination of excellent shopping, dining, education, and medical facilities. A 2,500 sqm retail complex and a world-class school will be among the facilities at one centre, while the second will sit within the heart of the village and include a mosque and a community centre.

The destination will also provide easy accessibility and connectivity to other villages on the island and the Sheikh Khalifa Highway, while individuals and families can visit the pier and enjoy the kayak facilities that will be available.

These key facilities will provide extra convenience and make everyday lives easier for new homeowners and residents.

Mounir Haidar, Managing Director of Jubail Island Investment Company, said: “Boasting its own identity, Ain Al Maha village has been carefully designed where we have focused on secluded island living. The estuary park and the water channels will become a prominent landmark of the village, while the enhanced shoreline will provide naturalistic beach frontage, giving people the chance to relax, recharge or unwind. Furthermore, the rich mangrove habitat will offer incredible views.

“By combining the remarkable nature we have on the island and understanding the needs of what people want in their everyday lives, we believe Ain Al Maha will help encourage a more sustainable lifestyle and make a perfect home while redefining the way people live. The village has been long awaited and we look forward to bringing it to life over the next few months.”

Owned by JIIC and developed and managed by LEAD Development, the AED10 billion Jubail Island will be home to an idyllic collection of six residential village estates located between Yas Island and Saadiyat Island. Nestled among the mangroves' breath-taking natural beauty and rich biodiversity and covering more than 4,000 hectares, the landmark community will offer residents every convenience and amenity, seamlessly blending sustainable living, luxury, and wellness in an iconic new addition to Abu Dhabi’s real estate landscape.

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