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Koi Empowers Women

Qatari fashion brand, Koi established in 2019 is focused on crafting contemporary, minimal and casual made-to-order Abayas. Koi which translates to good fortune, adaptability and versatility is fashioned methodically for confident women to empower them further. Each piece is carefully tailored using the most luxurious materials that allow the ultimate versatility of function and comfort. Koi is also a result of a fascination for the Asian principles of minimal living and subtle nature which is taken a step further through the materials that’s sourced from Japan and Korea. Koi is about a fascinating culture that is all about celebrating life in its beauty just like the brand.

The Winter Collection of Koi is a blend of fabrics that introduces a versatility to the brand.

Created and ideated by Dhabya Al-Muhannadi, is a NUQ Alumni, filmmaker and artist who dabbles in media, film, fashion, video and new media, Koi is perfect for women who know their minds.

The latest offering from Koi is a merger of two collections and is a selection of diverse fabrics sourced from far away locations like Japan to bring in the versatility that the designer was looking for. Simple, minimal, chic and prestigious and represents whoever wears it, is how the designer Al Muhannadi describes her brand.

“The fabric is the key element in the design of the Abayas inspired from the Kimono pattern’s flow, fall and cut. Sustainability is also a key component for Koi with vegan fabrics like Cupro being used in its creation. For the Winter collection, I wanted to leave it casual, to make the collection change according to the person who styles it, making each piece signatory of the person who wears it, increasing the connect to the fabric,” says Dhabya Al-Muhannadi, the designer/creator of Koi.

The concept behind Koi is to mix and match and create your own signature Abaya.

Koi debuts at Merwad Exhibition on 1st to 5th January 2021 in Doha Exhibition & Convention Center at booth G27. Merwad is the first exhibition for Koi and will showcase a collection of abayas that were not seen on Koi’s social media yet.


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