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Get ready to go back to work while keeping your natural summer glow with this LA BOUCHE ROUGE edit.

Bring your tan to the office thanks to La Terre Bronzer, enhance your gaze with Le Serum Noir Mascara and le Khôl Noir Eyeliner, and don’t forget your favorite Lipstick shade and Lip Pencil to touch up after long meetings.

All products come in their refillable leather and vegan leather compact cases available in different colorways to match your work outfits.

La Terre Bronzer

La Terre Blonde is the first natural bronzing powder enriched in hyaluronic acid that enhances and hydrates the skin for a radiant complexion all day long. Developed for all skin tones, La Terre's formula contains 96% natural origin ingredients.

Mascara Le Sérum Noir

The World's first glass mascara with a 99% natural origin ingredients formula and no petrochemical derivatives that ensures volume and care. 100% recyclable. The mascara formula contains water to facilitate the removal of your makeup, without rubbing and damaging the lashes.

Le Khôl Noir Eyeliner

Le Khôl Noir is the first black eyeliner developed without microplastics which allows you to intensify your gaze. A 98% natural origin ingredients formula that glides on with ease and elegance, leaving a powdered effect on the eyelid.


A 97% natural origin ingredients serum formula enriched with a powerful anti-aging seaweed harvested by hand in St Suliac, France. The lipstick formula is vegan, cruelty-free and without beeswax. It does not include petroleum derivatives nor silicone.

Lip Pencil

Define and contour with La Bouche Rouge’s eco-designed lip pencils, whose pure pigments adapt to all our lipstick shades. With a 98% natural formula, they glide on the lips with ease, providing volume and long-lasting hold.


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