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Leading Couturier Samiha Jammali Carves a Niche in Qatar’s Fashion Scene with ‘S cycle’

Qatar’s leading couturier Samiha Jammali who has been a part of the fashion industry for over a decade as an educator and a visual creative for well-known home-grown brands, has now taken the exciting plunge into curating her very own label: ‘S cycle’ based in Doha, Qatar.

Taking her philosophy from that of ‘the circle of life’ school of thought, Samiha has adapted that into the foundation of her brand: life and fashion for her is one and the same of that great big cycle. Concluding with the name of the label being fused with her starting initial of“S” and the word “Cycle”.

From design concept, to sketching, to fabric manipulation, and right down to the art of stitching, Samiha ensures to showcase her extensive knowhow and design intelligence through this journey of building her own fashion empire.

S cycle’s visual aesthetics as a brand, is a mood board of contemporary designs that has a mix of panache and simplicity, reflecting that of Samiha’s own personal style of being elegant, yet simple.

The brands overall objective is to be a product that can be styled in many different ways, from evolving from being an abaya to that of a dress. Samiha likes to experiment with colors and fabrics, and the overall silhouettes being that of key priority, hence the final outcome of the collections being timeless affordable pieces.

S cycle’s Autumn/Winter 2019 Collection, ‘Harmony Cycle’ is inspired by the signature design of the Lebanese jewellery brand Maison Mirath, the Harmony Collection; a collection of stackable jewellery pieces re-imagined in an ever-growing fusion of golds, diamonds, and precious stones.

Maison Mirath embodies the spirit of woman who is ‘unapologetic in her individuality, bold in her choices, and unique in her taste, the Maison Mirath woman sees her jewellery as an extension of herself.’

The jewellery designs of Maison Mirath are practical and modular yet sophisticated, elegant and timeless. Every jewellery item may be worn in different ways, and occasions; and this same concept shows in Samiha’s designs – where she has presented to her clients with versatile pieces that can be adapted into various looks.


S cycle presently caters to women’s fashion wear and plans to evolve into a brand that ranges from Prêt-à-porter, to men’s attire and children’s wear. S cycle is carving a steady yet

loyal following in the fashion market within Qatar and with sights then set on expanding the brand internationally. S cycle will be showcasing the new ‘Harmony Cycle’ collection at key exhibitions such as The Qatar Chambers Merwed Exhibition and the much coveted Heya Exhibition.


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