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Legacy Continua: The Bally Autumn/Winter 2021 Collection

For Autumn/Winter 2021, Bally’s Legacy Continua collection pays tribute to 170 years of excellence in design and leather craftsmanship since 1851. An innovative continuum of house codes, the new season is inspired by art, architecture and design as raw forms are contoured and shaped with a contemporary take on tailoring.

Purposefully integrating the city and the outdoors, the A/W 2021 campaign features the elevated creations of the new collection against the architectural backdrop of Zurich, and the quintessential Alpine landscape of the Furka Pass. Set in Switzerland, these two milieus reflect today’s modern lifestyle demands, where every day sees a contrasting blend between urban and natural environments, spurring a desire for greater utility and function in product design.

Through time-tested techniques and a pioneering spirit, signature Bally styles including the new B-Monogram––created by the Swiss graphics studio Offshore––rise to the occasion, their versatility accentuated by the sleek, glass exterior of Prime Tower in the arts and cultural hub of Zurich West. Refined leathers simultaneously morph into beguiling silhouettes along a roadside stop in the Swiss Alps, highlighting the brand’s heritage red––a further nod to early 20th century mountain expeditions to the Andes.

The campaign’s juxtaposition reinforces Bally’s own brand legacy through the eye of art director and photographer Jackson Frederick, who artfully captures models Khadim Sock and Cynthia Arrebola. Their journey is ushered along by a vintage “1851” car with an iconic Bally Stripe at the crossroads of innovation and nature. The campaign film, directed by Augusta Quaynor, is punctuated by electronic music made in collaboration with Swiss duo Derek and Michael Harnischberg of ENØS––a subtle salute to the underground scene of Zurich, which counts techno culture as part of its UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Bally’s A/W 2021 campaign launches worldwide on 27 July 2021.


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