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Levi’s®Reinvents The ‘80s WithTheBalloon for Spring/Summer 2020

For Spring/Summer 2020, Levi’s® embraces the “bigger is better” 1980s ethos with a brand new fit for women’s: the Levi’s® Balloon. With a high-rise waist, an exaggerated curved leg, and a subtle taper, the Balloon is a Levi’s® silhouette that perfectly blends the oversized aesthetic of the ‘80s with the contemporary styling of today.  

Available in four different fits, and a wide range of colors and fabrications, this new fit bridges the gap between fashion forward and classic style. First up is the cornerstone Balloon Jean, which features 12 1/4-inch rise and an ankle length hem, with a rounded and slightly tapered leg. Then, the ‘80s Balloon Leg, with a slight drop crotch and rounded, tapered leg. Next up, the Cool Pleated Balloon, which features a yoke detail, pleated waist, and a cropped ankle in cool-to-touch fabrication in denim and non-denim for the warmer months. And finally, the Pleated Balloon, which comes in stretch twill and features two pleats at the waist. 

“The inspiration is the balloon shaped jeans and pants of the late ’80s and early ‘90s, with a lot of emphasis on the waist. It’s tapered, but subtle, and with a slightly wider cuff. And worn with our puff sleeve tops tucked in, it gives a nice round-on-round silhouette.”— Jill Guenza, VP, Global Women’s Design at Levi’s®

Styling wise, the Levi’s® Balloon is all about accentuating the waist. It can be worn with a slimmer top for a play on proportion that’s business on top, party on the bottom. Or, to really put emphasis on the waist, go round on round with an oversized top that’s worn tucked in. However it’s styled, the beauty of the Balloon Jean is that it invites experimentation and creativity. It’s contemporary Dadleisure taken to an ‘80s extreme, and then mixed up with a healthy dose of irreverent fun to create an instant Levi’s® classic.


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