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Loro Piana yarns from the Fall Winter 2024-2025 Collection

Loro Piana presents the new Fall Winter 2024-2025 Collection. The theme is “Unexpected Evolution”: a journey from the origins of the maison’s savoir faire to the quintessence of luxury, beginning with the finest raw materials.

In fact, the Loro Piana family’s passion for the noblest natural fibres is what lies behind yarns of uncompromising quality, extraordinary in both appearance and feel. They represent a real evolution of materials, carefully selected and transformed with patience, respect and expert craftsmanship, the result of the continuous development of innovative creations that fully reflect Loro Piana’s pursuit of excellence.

Perfect examples are Cashmere Unexpected and Coarsehair® Unexpected, revisitations of two classic, timeless 100% cashmere yarns – cashmere Nm 2/27 and Coarsehair® Nm 2/11 –, now in more youthful stitches (like cable) and with a more dynamic feel for sporty, casual knitwear.

An emblem of Loro Piana’s savoir faire passed down from generation to generation, the iconic Wish® combed wool, made from lots of merino wool of a fineness comparable to the best cashmere, gains more expressive potential thanks to a skillful blend of tradition and creativity. In the new Steel Wish® yarn, wool (75%) is bonded with metal (25%) to create modern knitwear with a luminous shine and a unique but natural play of sinuous folds; the result are imaginative clothes with a crinkled look, always elegant, never ordinary. More linear but equally refined and comfortable are items created with Wish® ondè, a yarn that lends a rippled look and a soft, cosy texture.

Innovating means looking to the future with respect for the history and for the environment, and Loro Piana does exactly that with Abacash, a yarn made of 70% cashmere and 30% abaca, a fibre obtained from the homonymous plant, also known as Manila hemp. The result is a natural, durable yarn that’s pleasing to the touch and lends itself to tightly woven, contemporary knits.

Respecting the natural tones of the fibres with a range of delicate nuances that celebrate Loro Piana’s innate elegance, the Fall Winter 2024-2025 Collection of yarns once again epitomises the supreme art of excellence and refinement. Unexpected Evolution” is truly in the DNA of the maison’s yarns.


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