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Manjulakshmi Bharathan International Fashion Designer

Manjulakshmi Bharathan is International Fashion Designer being the first designer from Qatar and South India to have showcased her collection at the New York Fashion Week and listed on the Fashion Calendar of CFDA.

Being a Fashion Consultant in the region with an expanded career in Design as Design Educator and Researcher extending into the fields of Fashion Design, Interior Design and Jewelry Design, she has an established career in the design industry and has been teaching  as a Community Education Professor of Fashion Design and Interior Design at Virginia Commonwealth University from Richmond in Qatar since 2006. 

Designer Manjulakshmi Bharathan established her label Gills Manjulakshmi in 2013 after she had received a tremendous response on for her Bridal Wears which she had made for Royal Family wedding of Qatar. Being an Indian, her designs were always influenced by hand works, golden detailing and use of silk and haute couture textiles. 

Since the establishment of her Fashion Label Gills Manjulakshmi in 2013, firstly in Bridal wear it had expanded to selling RTW, PRET A COUTURE, Women's Wear and Men's Wear.

GILLS MANJULAKSHMI branched into a Concept Wear with opening of AADIMA BY GILLS MANJULAKSHMI with a vision of creating luxury Organic wear for Modest Woman using natural textiles.


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