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Maria Ovsyannikova is a art photographer inspired by Qatar

Maria Ovsyannikova is a fine art photographer  from Moscow, Russia  lives and works in Doha since 7 years.

Inspired by Qatari culture, heritage and nature she started taking photos as a hobby, which over few years transformed into a true passion.

In early 2016 Maria officially quit her office job to become full time artist and photographer. She divided her passion in two fields: creating commercial visuals -  food, interior, product and fashion photography and artistic part : fine art.

Her images have a storytelling element, reflecting local culture in artistic and dreamy way.

Horses have special place in Maria’s art, she often  shows  that  sacred connection between a human  and this elegant and powerful animal. As of the moment she is working on her photography book “Words and horses” where her photographs will be combined with quotes and poetry from the local poets and writers to emphasize the emotion from the image.

Maria’s  photographs of the best horses of Qatar were chosen by Dutch interior designer Marcel Wanders to be placed into the lifts of Mondrian Doha hotel  to highlight  admiration of Qatari people for the horses.

Maria had several exhibitions especially during 2018 Qatar Russia year of culture, trying to connect and bridge both Russian and Qatari cultures.

As  a self taught photographer she keeps learning and challenging herself by experimenting with new techniques, media, colors, textures.

Right now she is working on creating her own studio to have a playground and creative space to push the limits of visual creation.


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