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Master tailor and Menswear designer Amer Ejjeh in Doha

Amer Ejjeh, menswear designer, third generation textile afficionado and Master Tailor behind the Ejjeh 1926 group of brands, is pleased to announce his highly anticipated launch into the UAE this summer as a maker of luxury bespoke suits.

Founded in 1926, the Ejjeh 1926 family tailoring business is the leading bespoke handmade and ready-to-wear menswear clothing company in the Middle East. Now a third-generation company, Ejjeh 1926 originally started as a luxury textile trading company, slowly expanding into a tailoring atelier specializing in bespoke garments and finishing, which now falls under the leadership of CEO Amer Ejjeh. With an emphasis on quality and expertise, Amer has slowly evolved into a standard of excellence in the world of high-end tailoring over the years with an exemplary reputation for quality craftmanship.

Amer believes that a suit is a reflection of a man’s character and should be carefully curated to highlight both his personality and character traits. He prides himself on a unique and innate ability to design and create bespoke pieces that fit each customer exclusively, down to every little last-minute detail.

Every suit or apparel is designed from scratch with the utmost precision and care. Through a highly involved process between the customer and Amer directly, this allows clients to customize every aspect of their suit and shirt from the measurements to the cut and fabric right down to details such as buttons, lapels, pockets and stitching; thereby giving each customer the freedom to transform a suit to fit their specific needs and wants. In addition to these highly coveted services, each season the house presents their own ready-to-wear collection of suits, shirts, shoes and accessories, characterized with Amer’s impeccable signature sophisticated style.

To further elevate his suits, Amer sources only the highest quality materials; from wool and cashmere to cotton and linens, from Loro Piana, to offer a hand-selected range of fabrics chosen by Amer’s own highly trained eye. Combined with a wide range of accessories such as shoes, ties and cufflinks, Amer is prepared to cater to every single customer’s needs.

From diplomats to royalty, celebrities to superstars, Amer Ejjeh boasts some of the region’s most influential and distinctive individuals as his clientele. With his unique and skilled art of tailoring combined with his company’s exemplary experience accumulated over a span of almost a century, Amer continues to be at the forefront of menswear in the Middle East, being both innovative and exclusive, two keywords that perfectly sum up his vision.


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