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Missoni Estate 2022

Mechanical, analog. The rhythm of the machine, needles moving synchronously, hands leading harmoniously, the thread becoming knit, key ingredient of a multifaceted Italian story.

Walking through a thirty-meter tunnel to deep dive into a narration of love, passion, creativity and craftsmanship, to the tune of a cadenced rhythm... a rhythm that feels like a heartbeat. Entering a dimension of light and reflections, with a veil of iridescent smoke, that hides and at the same time reveals.

For his first show as Creative Director of the maison, Alberto Caliri focuses on the most essential and authentic spirit of the Missoni DNA: a heritage made of artistic flair and effortlessness, imagination and realness, revolutionary audacity and bourgeois elegance.

With the Spring/Summer 2022 season, Missoni celebrates an independent and decisive femininity. The body and the skin become tools of self-expression for assertive, emotional and confident women. The late 90s influence a certain awareness in the search for a type of beauty that is a pleasure to be unapologetically satisfied.

The flexuosity of the female forms is exalted in all its diverse declinations.

Artsy patchworks, evoking the eccentric tapestries of Tai Missoni, beloved founder of the fashion house, are assembled creating the constructions of small pieces wrapping around the body with immediate, yet precious lightness. Knitwear dresses reveal a seductive fringed effect... unfinished detail epitomizing the essence of Missoni’s craftsmanship.

The label’s iconic patterns, the legendary flamed motifs, are always there, but they are hidden among the metallic gleams of coated textures, recalling the sinuous fluidity of mercury. Hit by the light, they shine with silver reflections and, following the movements of the body, they reveal the patterns’ geometric harmony.

If raschel is covered with sparkling sequins on the mini dresses, cotton blends with nylon for pants shining under the sun.

Precious swimsuits are incorporated into the looks, like underwear to show off. A new daywear for women who are not afraid to dare.

Urban, relaxed, denim is enriched with knitwear details, while leather, showing precise and impeccable cuts, is crafted for coats, timeless in the shapes, but cool in their contemporary attitude rooted into logomania.

Graphic motifs are combined with vibrant and refined floral prints. Like amulets dedicated to an eternal muse, Rosita Missoni, multicolored Murano glass beads become jewels, tops and bags, while high and low sandals with slightly pointed toes add a touch of color.

Declaration of love, supreme act of freedom: Missoni celebrates the return to life with joy and stubborn optimism.


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