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With the art of pearl diving, trading and building the pearling industry, pearls have served as an integral part of Arabian culture and heritage, forming an ancestral story to bond generations across the peninsula.

These stories are physically manifested in the sourced pearls and the pieces they became, handed down from generation to generation, becoming cherished heirloom pieces. These Arabian pearls have also been traded around the world for centuries and are part of some of the most rare collector items. With the modern age came the ability to travel, granting the privilege of the knowledge of the stunning gems from the French Polynesian Sea.

Pearls are scrutinized to a very high standard and as such, even though they are borne out of a common process, they are held to the same standards of beauty. HRH Sheikha Mariam, Founder and Designer of MKS Jewelry, wanted to draw the attention to the similarities of how we are all different and yet all alike, and as such, must unite to learn from one another and inspire one another, growing in our similarities, strung together like pearls, all the same, yet completely different

In pearls traditionally very little was accepted as 'beautiful' this is a step towards welcoming all and everyone, to loving difference no matter which land it comes from. As a pearl merchant my great grandfather would arrive in different borders, I imagine all the rich culture and knowledge he cultivated in discovering the diversity of each place he landed in. This collection is to celebrate the beauty of the world. As much as we value our own heritage and what our land brings, this is a call for openness, inclusive love and the depth that comes when you don't forget who you are while you love the other.” – H.H. Sheikha Mariam bint Khalifa bin Saif Al Nahyan, Founder, MKS Jewellery.

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