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New Kid on the Block, Brings the 80’s Back

Edgy Qatari designer, Noor Aburish breaks out into the fashion scene with her powerfully tailored maiden collection: Le Chant.

Fresh from graduating from the school of arts, Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) and wining the impressive ‘W Doha Award’ for best fashion collection, Noor Aburish has ensured to carry on that winning streak momentum with the launch of her much anticipated comprehensive collection.

As a Qatar based designer but with designs born out of the desire to speak to the international market, the Noor Aburish brand can be described as an ‘upscale contemporary ready-to-wear’ women’s label. The brand’s designer herself, Aburish describes the underlining philosophy the brand as, “Seeking to empower the wearer, so she feels bold, in-charge and ready to take on a challenge. Just stylishly!”

From designing from a young age, 23-year-old Aburish forged her way into the industry using her stylistic flair, progressive vision and innate passion as the driving force to kindle inspirations for her initiatory 30-piece collective that threads through hints of Aburish’s design aesthetics of masculine inspired tailoring.

With Aburish drawing inspiration from what her mother’s wardrobe looked like in the 80’s, the debut collection titled Le Chant, is thus aptly named in homage to her and presenting at least 15 looks that are stylishly beautiful, powerful yet sophisticated, and seemingly timeless garments that are impeccably tailored.

The collection is heavy on playing with proportions, from fitted blouses with statement voluminous sleeves, double-breasted blazers that can be paired with micro skirts, and exaggerated fuchsia organza bows seen on one-shoulder cocktail dress. The separates within the collection certainly establish the fun nature of an 80’s throwback wardrobe, but also garners the attention of fashion conscious individuals with offerings of versatile staples with a masculine twist.

Inspired by the strong women Aburish has been surrounded by, the hallmark style of sharp tailoring and sculptural details are apparent within the precision cuts of the collections key white power suit that comes with a ‘V’ waistline pants matched with boxy suit jacket with architectural shoulder pads. The collection is composed in a minimalist palette of blush pinks, signature blacks, and artic whites, but also carries a pop of playful hue of hot fuchsia, to emanate confidence.

Today, for those who are looking to step outside the standard cocktail outfit options, the Noor Aburish brand seeks to continually offer bold, confident styles that have accentuating references to fashion history but with a contemporary silhouette.

Aburish has certainly captured the attention of the ready-to-wear world and even more so, this collection has set precedence for future lines, including plans of venturing into menswear.


Touted as the go-to for unfussy yet constructed, minimal yet modern. Noor Aburish ensures that each piece from design to concept and to execution is perfectly tailored and can be worn off the rack by each individual woman. The Noor Aburish brand is set to inspire women who enjoy affordable luxe-looking basics that connect with their city lifestyle; whether by taxi, metro, or strutting down cobblestones. Think classic shapes and timeless touches; simply your everyday, effortless wardrobe with the occasional twist for flair.

Instagram: @nooraburishofficial


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