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As part of its End of Year Campaign: “No Photo” images, Boucheron shines a spotlight on some of its biggest icons that will perfectly complement a glammed up, stylish New Year’s Eve outfit. From stand-out statement pieces to the Maison’s absolute classics, there are endless contemporary yet timeless creations to light up any look and are sure to steal the show!

Jack de Boucheron

Playful, spontaneous, and whimsical – the Jack Collection breathes a new life into jewellery and opens a new chapter in Maison Boucheron's history. Jack de Boucheron's ultra-contemporary flexibility is inspired by audio cables, while its clasp hides a connection inspired by a jack. Neither necklace nor bracelet, but sometimes both at once, Jack can be combined, connected, made bigger, piled up, transformed.


The Liseré creations reflect the architectural codes the Maison Boucheron has always cherished, in particular the octagonal shape of the Place Vendôme from above. On white gold with diamonds, paved and enhanced by black lacquer, Liseré creations shine like a beacon of the Parisian elegance and refinement, and embody the true Boucheron style.

Plume de Paon

It was while playing with a peacock feather that Frédéric Boucheron imagined Plume de Paon. A modern approach to femininity, the collection is born of Boucheron’s savoir-faire, enriched by a new and exclusive diamond assembly technique that replicates the suppleness of a real peacock feather. The creations to move with their wearer, like a feather ruffling in the gentle breeze.


Over the years, Quatre has become one of the Maison's icons; it is different yet classic, unique, but comes in many forms. Quatre consists of four rings embodying the Boucheron architectural codes (Grosgrain, line of Diamonds, Double Godron and Clou de Paris), and can be worn pure and clean cut or stacked with other pieces. With its graphic signature and contemporary character, it can be sober or spectacular, classic or surprising.

Serpent Bohème

With its head evoked by a subtle droplet shape, and a chiseled body rippling beneath golden scales, Serpent Bohème has become a great classic. A wonderful demonstration of the expert craftsmanship of the Maison’s jewelers. Serpent Bohème has evolved from bracelet to ear jewelry, from ring to timepiece, and charming headband, a powerful, protective talisman that embraces femininity.


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