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OMEGA to serve as Official Timekeeper at the Wanda Diamond League in Doha, Qatar

Bringing the world’s best athletes together again, the first leg of this year’s Wanda Diamond League took place in Doha on May 13th. To record each thrilling second of these inspiring performances, OMEGA again fulfilled its role as Official Timekeeper. The Swiss watchmaker was on hand this year to measure all of the scheduled meetings across the globe, where the most talented track and field stars will be aiming for victory.

Commenting on the events in 2022, President and CEO of OMEGA, Mr. Raynald Aeschlimann, spoke about the brand’s passion for athletics by saying, “Every year, we seem to witness these athletes achieving even greater results and records. It’s an honour to bring our innovation to the Wanda Diamond League venues and record every incredible moment. It takes such dedication for the competitors to reach this level in sport, and they deserve exacting precision in the moments that matter.”

OMEGA has been the Official Timekeeper of the Diamond League since it first began in 2010. The brand is backed by its unrivalled experience in sports measurement, including 30 Olympic Games since 1932. In addition to its timekeeping and data handling duties throughout the decades, the brand has also developed and launched much of the key technology in sports timing, including state-of-the-art motion sensor technology to enhance spectator experience.

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