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Opening of the BOVET 1822 Engineering Brilliance boutique in Tokyo

Always appreciative of decorative arts and excellence, Japanese collectors were among the first and have become some of the most loyal aficionados of Maison BOVET since its founding in 1822. 

Mr. Pascal Raffy, owner of Maison BOVET, is once again showing them how grateful he is, this time by opening an exclusive space in the prestigious Ginza neighborhood of Tokyo. Symbolically inaugurated on August 1 2019, the Swiss national holiday, this new boutique demonstrates Mr. Raffy’s and Maison BOVET 1822’s intention to continue raising the bar by going to collectors and offering them excellent hospitality, service, and advice that parallels the quality of BOVET timepieces. 

Japanese collectors can visit the space to discover timepieces that are unique both in terms of their artistic decoration and their mechanical complexity, all in the perfect environment to experience Maison BOVET 1822's timepieces and the passion with which the brand's artisans bring them to life. 


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