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Park Hyatt Dubai Lifts Off with the Help of NASA

The iconic Creekside property is the first Dubai hotel to partner with AiroCide

- industrial air purifiers, developed by NASA

Park Hyatt Dubai has partnered with the NASA developed AiroCide technology- a highly innovative, powerful contamination control device that is clinically proven to eradicate viruses, bacteria, mold, and other harmful airborne particles.

20 air purifiers will now be utilized in every indoor space, including the lobby, lounge, Noépe, Lakeview and Boardwalk restaurants, in addition to 54 units placed in all of the holiday villas. The technology is based on the immediate destruction of airborne contaminates- not collecting or trapping them in a filter.

“We are fully committed to providing our guests with the cleanest and healthiest environment, now more than ever these measures are axiomatic. The use of AiroCide industrial air purifiers in all of our restaurants will ensure we are doing our upmost to eradicate harmful airborne particles,” said Luis Cobo, Resident Manager of Park Hyatt Dubai.

Studies have proven that tiny aerosol droplets released when people breathe, talk, cough, or sneeze, can carry live infectious viruses that linger in the air for hours. Masks and distancing cannot completely prevent people from being infected by these aerosols. The AiroCide patented technology combines two known pathogen-killing techniques, photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) and ultraviolet light to destroy harmful airborne microbes.

The NASA Story – Birth of a Revolutionary Technology

Sending man into deep space presents a variety of challenges and chief among them is producing a sustainable food supply. And here, NASA had a problem- ethylene gas. It’s a naturally occurring hormone that causes fruit and vegetables to ripen but in a sealed environment like a space station, ethylene buildup is toxic. The challenge – how to eliminate it.

NASA’s solution was hugely innovative and contributed to the creation of AiroCide. A unique bioconversion technology that instantly converted any organic at molecular level, solid or gas- regardless of size into harmless vapor. Not only did this bioconversion technology effectively eliminate ethylene gas along with other volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), subsequently it was also clinically proven to eradicate viruses, bacteria, fungi, and mold- even anthrax.


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