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Skin barrier is a term often used in skin care. The barrier function is an extremely important concept to understand as it reflects the strength and how it can protect the skin from environmental stressors.

What is skin barrier?

It is the outermost layer of the epidermis referred to as stratum corneum. It’s main function is to act as a physical barrier that prevents the loss of water out of the skin and shields the skin of harmful allergens and irritants.

What does skin barrier consist of?

It's mainly composed of lipids. Such as, ceramides, free fatty acids and cholesterol. The lipids are an essential component for the functionality of skin barrier, which is why it is often referred to as the lipid barrier.

What can damage the skin barrier?

The skin barrier is extremely sensitive as it can be easily damaged by using harsh products. Such as, over cleansing the skin, using a high PH cleanser, taking long hot showers, over exfoliating...etc.

How can you figure out if your skin barrier is compromised?

Whenever you notice that your skin is feeling dry, flakey, itchy, looks oily but feels extremely tight and acne prone skin will produce more acne due to the weakened barrier then that signifies that the skin barrier is damaged.

How to strengthen and heal your skin barrier?

The first and most important approach is to limit the amount of products used! Keep your skincare routine simple to avoid adding further irritants on your skin.

Avoid cleansing your skin with a cleanser when you wake up! Instead splash your face with water and follow up with a soothing toner, serum, moisturizer and sunscreen.

Stop using any form of exfoliator! Give your skin a chance to rebuild itself and heal.

What are some ingredients and products you can add to help your skin barrier?

Look for products that are low in PH such as our Abib Mild acidic pH sheet masks.

Using products products that contain ceramides which can be found in our Cell Fusion C calming down cream. Adding the CNP propolis energy ampule will help repair and strengthen the skin barrier.


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