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POCA & POCA Set to Unveil its Ramadan 2020 Collection

This season, POCA & POCA releases its Ramadan 2020 Collection and is perfectly suited for the month of dedication, devotion and reflection. The collection is inspired by the essence of the night, a mesmerizing evening under the starry sky as the new moon shines down its wonderful light, reminding us of the start to this spiritual month. 

The POCA & POCA Ramadan 2020 Collection showcases 18 looks celebrating the modestly confident woman in all her elegance, sophistication and distinct style. The pieces are truly impeccable and ideal to wear so as to celebrate the occasion with family and friends. Choose from elegant dresses finished with ruffles on the shoulder, free-flowing jumpsuits finished with gorgeous bell-shaped sleeves, blouses and skirts fitted with ruffles on the waist, as well as kaftan-inspired pieces ideal for hosting a Ramadan evening at home.

The brand reinterprets asymmetry in this collection, a fashionable trend seen this season in blouses and dresses. POCA & POCA gracefully plays with the imbalance of one off-shoulder and sleeves, while another style takes on ruffles on one shoulder and a sleeve on another – a wonderful way to form a perfectly imperfect beauty of the total look. 

The creations are all hand-made in luxurious fabrics of satin, tulle and textured fabric, all embodying a shimmery surface for a graceful finish. Metallic shades of silver, gold, shiny pink and blue, black, and ebony all take on a dreamy sense of style and beautifully complete the looks with glamour and refinement. In keeping with its signature style, POCA & POCA decorates the pieces with gold buttons as well as a gold chain belt, a beautiful way to dress for the wonderful spiritual occasion.

The collection is now available at the POCA & POCA boutiques at the Galeries Lafayette in The Dubai Mall, Robinsons in Dubai Festival City, Riyadh Park in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and online on


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