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The allure of the irregular Sabbia diamond pavé meets the glamour of diamond solitaires

Sabbia presents a fresh new way to wear precious diamond jewels everyday, challenging women to dare to be different and wear jewels whichever way they want. With versatility at the heart of Sabbia’s unconventional personality, the two rings and two half-pair earrings will appeal to eclectic women looking to mix it up with stackable rings and mismatched studs and drops.

The introduction of solitaire diamonds combined with Sabbia’s characteristic irregular pavé brings an exciting buzz to this icon of Casa Pomellato. The rings can be stacked together or spread across the fingers from pinkie to thumb, worn halfway up a finger or as a signet ring. They happily sit alongside existing Sabbia rings to create your very own style of clusters of pavé and solitaire diamonds. An open ring in rose gold features the traditional irregular Sabbia pavé in white diamonds that contrasts with a single brown diamond solitaire in a smooth bezel setting.

The double ring is formed of two bands joined by a gold bridge on the underside and embellished with a pavé of brown diamonds and a white diamond solitaire. The earrings are an open invitation to experiment. Each earring is sold individually and there are no rules about how to style them. The interchangeable diamond or pavé disc can be worn at the front of the lobe as a single stud, with or without the drop that fastens behind the lobe.

Women with multiple piercings have the option of mixing these new designs with their existing Sabbia studs, chandeliers and drops. The earrings offer a choice of diamond studs with one brown diamond solitaire or white combined with pavé discs in white or brown diamonds. Like every Pomellato jewel, these new arrivals are painstakingly made by hand by master goldsmiths and diamond setters in the firm’s Milan workshop.

The smoothness of the pavé and perfection of the bezel settings is testament to amount of care taken in the crafting of every jewel to bear the Pomellato hallmark. Since its launch in 2003, Sabbia, named for the Italian for sand, is one of Pomellato’s signature designs that dared to present diamonds in a brand new light.

Reminiscent of the shifting shapes of sand catching the sun’s rays, this mesmerising effect is created by setting a variety of different size diamonds to appear as if they have drifted in a randomly organic pattern onto the gold discs. Sabbia celebrates the irregular beauty of Nature as it continues to offer cool ways to wear diamonds with a relaxed approach. Light on the skin and shimmering with diamonds, the new designs are a seamless fusion of traditional jewellery making skills and contemporary design.


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