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Back for the sixth season of the successful collaboration, Porsche and BOSS reveal the Fall/Winter 2021 menswear collection, combining the passion for highest product quality and design that both brands are known for. As Porsche brings modern luxury and power to sportscars, BOSS adds its tailoring expertise and sophistication to relaxed pieces. Combined, they create a look that’s precise, controlled, and confident.

This season, innovation comes to the forefront, as the latest models of the Porsche Taycan provided the inspiration for the collection. A sportscar for a new era, it is the automotive icon’s first model to be all-electric and is the most powerful in its class. Its streamlined shape and pioneering construction inform the design features of a collection full of dressed-down essentials, combining rich materials and precise cuts for a sleek, contemporary look.

Muted, sophisticated colors such as deep purple, metallic bronze, and black run throughout the collaboration. From the thin stripe accent that mirrors the bold design of the rear light strip on the vehicle, to the rich purple hue that echoes the new frozen berry metallic exterior color option of the sportscar, each aspect is picked up from the refined design details of the Porsche Taycan. Padded jackets, polo shirts, and statement sneakers create an easygoing yet confident mood.


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