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Qatar National Sports Day 2022: GET YOUR SWEAT ON WEARING RSPR


Championing workout clothes that are safe, stylish, eco-friendly and comfortable

As the country gears up to celebrate a day of sports and enthusiasm with its National Sports Day on the 8th of February, 2022, RSPR (pronounced res·pir – Latin for breathe), is enthusiastically spearheading the drive for having the nation recognize the importance of sustainability within sporting gear.

Set to be celebrated and marked as a day encouraging movement and physically activities, the Qatar National Sports Day 2022 promises to be a day filled with fun, frenzy, and sheer excitement, and as such RSPR as a revolutionary brand within athleisure wear prides itself of having every single garment – 40 individual pieces to be precise – all made solely from recycled plastic bottles and antimicrobial fabric. Committed to supporting Qatar’s wider initiative in driving progress for its long-term sustainability vision, RSPR is officially the first-of-its-kind homegrown business to pioneer this particular eco-conscious material in fashion.

The advantages of using recycled plastic bottles in the production of its clothing products has allowed RSPR to match power and passion with action. Striving for a better tomorrow and a world where plastic waste is eradicated, and fitness activities are encouraged.

RSPR understands the importance of preserving the environment, protecting valuable resources, and educating the wider community on the importance of making earth-friendly choices.

Founder and designer, Rina Saleh, says: “When I realised that there is technology available to us to make clothing that would help to keep plastic out of landfill sites, I knew that’s what I wanted for RSPR.

“I was determined to work with my team and take our fabric to the next level,” she continues. “I wanted to make it extremely soft and add the antimicrobial element to it, so to make eco-conscious choices whenever and wherever possible. Every little bit counts, and we all need to pitch in,” she adds.

Furthermore, the sustainable techniques speak for themselves. Antimicrobial material is renowned for killing the bacteria it comes into contact with. The fabric also lasts longer with fewer washes needed, contributing to a cut down in waste, and general wear and tear. The result is sweat-eliminating garments that provide protection in killing odours and bacteria, whilst ensuring 100 percent comfort. In addition, all purchases come in biodegradable packaging, eliminating even more plastic waste.

You can even see how many recycled plastic bottles were used in the making of each piece via the abstract printed number on the attire. Naturally, the clothes are produced in South Korea, a global leader in the use of antimicrobial fabric – for its pro-eco certification – as well as high-standards of assembly care. Another tick for environmentally- friendly, and ethical practices.

RSPR has been vital in creating the eco-advocates of today. The brand has fast-become the go-to for Qatar’s most- recognized influencers and the wider community, who continue to praise RSPR’s ground-breaking efforts and drive to make workout clothes in the most sustainable and safest way possible.

With sustainability at the forefront of its brand ethos and its designs, RSPR continues to pledge for a better tomorrow within Qatar, and beyond.

RSPR Collection is stocked at Galeries Lafayette Doha, Harvey Nichols Qatar, Studio7 Boutique in M7, and in addition, international shipping will soon be available via the brands website at


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