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Qatari Designer, Mohammed Albaker, Launches his First Haute Couture Evening and Bridal Collections

at Exclusive Pop-up at Fifty One East

Mohammed Albaker, a renowned Qatari jewellery designer, is expanding his artistic horizon by presenting his first-ever Haute Couture evening and bridal collections in an exclusive pop-up held at Fifty One East, Lagoona Mall.

The launch event was attended by the designer himself alongside representatives from Fifty One East, fashion enthusiasts and media personnel.

Albaker's journey in the world of Haute Couture extends from a long experience in fashion, jewellery and perfumes. His first experience in the fashion industry was with the famous artist, Assala Nasri, where she chose one of his designs as she appeared in one of the largest TV shows in the region.

According to Albaker, the world of fashion is an extension of all forms of art. He explained, "Through my journey in the world of designing bridal tiaras, I found myself delving into the details and vision behind wedding dresses and the full look of the bride where I discussed and developed my ideas with many international designers."

Albaker's passion for fashion is evident in his distinctive and clear imprint, which he leaves on the bride's outfit. He is influenced by the style of the forties and fifties to the late sixties, especially the prints of Christian Dior and Yves Saint Laurent, where the focus was on showcasing the woman herself, not what she wears. He explained, "Back then, simplicity in design was more prevalent than reliance on embroidery and glamor in fashion."

Commenting on the pop-up, Albaker said: "I am thrilled to partner with Fifty One East for the launch of my first-ever Haute Couture evening and bridal collections. This pop-up provides a unique opportunity to showcase my creativity and passion for fashion. I am particularly delighted to share my designs with the Qatari brides where they can find what suits their style from the dress to the head ornament, bridal bouquet, and other details."

The new collections showcase Albaker's creativity and unique approach with a vision to leave a distinguished mark in the world of fashion. The exclusive pop-up event will run until April 30 at Fifty One East, Lagoona Mall, first floor, giving fashion aficionados ample time to witness Albaker's artistic creations.

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