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Quarantine and Transformation

It’s not easy to withstand. To see the same faces every day. To accept needs and desires of another person living within your space. 

However, if you shift the concentration point, and look at the situation globally, you may find something more over the limits of your apartment. So, it will be about the quarantine and its special significance for the transformation of a person. A mandatory quarantine for special groups of patients has been proposed as a preventive measure to combat epidemics at their early stages by the distinguished scientist Ibn Sina (Avicenna) at the early stage of Islamic history. 

It meant forty days of staying isolated from the others for the alleged carriers of the infection.

Quarantine. The word "Quarantine" means "40" in Italian.

This word appeared to become common for use in Italian city of Venice and was used to indicate the 40-day isolation of ships which arrived at the Italian seaports.

This measure significantly reduced the possibility of infecting residents of the city with a possible disease.

The people who arrived by the sea were to be staying isolated from the Venice residents on board the ship on the Venetian raid for 40 days. Metaphorically, each of us today has found himself on board the ship having arrived at the New World, not yet known, frightening and disturbing.

And the quarantine period may serve as a preparation time being essential for the formation of a new personality that will be able to correspond to this new and unknown World.

The time we are to spend on board the ship (the quarantine) is given to us so that we can think over the lifestyle we had been living.

We should pay attention to what we were trying to escape from, and start dealing with the consequences of our activities, which had been destroying us and the world around us.

This is an opportunity to re-estimate the personal values for each of us.

It's a perfect chance for making a stop, having a look around yourself, as well as for quitting to continue deceiving yourself and starting to listen to your heart instead.

This is the time when you need to face the truth and talk to yourself honestly.

It's high time to appreciate your beloved ones recognizing their best features and drawbacks.

It's also an ideal opportunity to realize whether you are ready to remain staying patient and tolerant or finally begin talking to them 'soul-to-soul'.

Maybe, it's a priceless opportunity to stop running an endless rat-race and try to find answers to simple and, at the same time, important questions like:

What are you living for? What is your mission? What have you come into this world for? And to what extent do you follow the goal you have been dedicated for?

All of us have already drifted on our ship to the raid of the New World today, and we are staying here for the quarantine time given to us by the Universe.

Why is it so important to answer these questions?

It is obvious that the material self-centered world of consumption has exhausted itself, and we have reached a dead end, having become unable to continue living in a way we used to.

Being dependent on constant lies reproduced by ourselves, we have erased the boundaries between lies and the reality, between the important and the insignificant. 

The Universe has not tolerated this and offered us a chance to enter the New World not yet known to us - in return for the disappearing world of consumption.

In order to be able to enter the New World, we must quarantine ourselves and answer the above-mentioned questions honestly. 

All of us have already drifted on our ship to the raid of the New World today, and we are to stay here for the quarantine time given to us by the Universe.

So, welcome to the New World!

By Mary Bohan


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