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RASASI - Scents and Sensibility

Rasasi Perfumes statistically highlights the connection between love and

fragrances this Valentine’s Day

Rasasi Perfumes, one of the foremost leading perfume houses in the Middle East, expertly demonstrates through qualitative research, multiple reasons why fragrances are the perfect gift for loved ones this coming Valentines. A recently conducted YouGov survey by Rasasi fascinatingly showed that approximately 55% of people in the GCC associate perfumes and fragrances with emotions such as love and romance. The facts and figures harmoniously align with the romantic essence of this annual occasion, positioning Rasasi’s exotic and traditional infusions, suited for both men and women, as versatile and perfect tributes to their significant others.

“Rasasi takes great pride in conducting its own market research and collaborating with renowned organisations to gain global insights into the best practices followed worldwide. While we are immensely proud of our heritage and perfumery tradition, we are also very aware of the fast and ever-changing client profile. We go to great lengths to truly understand the reasons why our customers buy perfumes, knowing and appreciating that such extensive research enables us to understand the needs of our customers and offer perfumes that resonate with their identity.” says a Rasasi spokesperson.

According to the survey, half of the women (52%) and men (56%) participants believed that the scent of a perfume is linked to romance, with 47.8% GCC nationals agreeing they associate perfumes and fragrances with feelings of love. This association was strongest within the 40 and over age group (59%) and consisted primarily of individuals who were married with children. Respondents that were both married with and without children also agreed that fragrance plays an important role within their relationships with 66% stating that they would often wear perfumes their spouses liked. This sentiment was more or less evenly split between men (59%) and women (56%). The survey also found that perfumes help make people feel more confident, with a significant 74% of respondents stating that perfumes made them feel more self-assured and happier, including 71% of singles asked.

Amongst our five main senses, smell is said to be one of the most important, as it plays a major role in controlling one’s mood, memory, behaviour and emotions. The perfume industry is recognized as one of the biggest growing industries in the world, built around this simple connection, with perfume experts developing fragrances that convey a vast array of emotions and feelings from romance and passion, to desire and power. Rasasi Perfumes is no exception to this. The company has a skilled team of professional in-house perfume developers to create the most sensational fragrances and are constantly developing exciting and evocative new scents, thus ensuring Rasasi stays ahead of the curve, bringing new synergies to the Middle East and the GCC perfume industry.

There are numerous notes considered to lend a hint of romance to fragrances such as light florals, gourmand, fruity, powdery and green elements. While Rose is definitely considered the flower of love, other white florals such as jasmine, magnolia and tuberose are said to add a touch of sensuality to a fragrance. Additionally, ingredients also associated with passion and romance include sandalwood, vetiver, neroli and patchouli. Over the years, Rasasi has used many of these key ingredients within their fragrances to create an exceptional range of elevated, unique and captivating scents. The brands much-loved Nebras collection, a gender-neutral line of fragrance oils and an ode to modern love, consists of a number of the aforementioned notes, while other best-selling fragrances such as the Musk and the Hawas collection are also perfect for setting a quintessentially romantic stage.

The numbers don’t lie and alongside four-decades within the perfume and fragrance industry, Rasasi remains committed to its raison d'être of elegance and quality. Priding itself on creating perfect fragrances for their clientele, using science and statistics to understand the emotive, elegant and exquisite science behind its exemplary range of perfumes, Rasasi offers a truly informative insight this Valentines to influence even the most discerning of perfume connoisseurs.


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