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Reebok and Jelly Belly Deliver Some Serious Eye Candy with a Line of Bold Sneakers

Today Reebok and renowned candy company, Jelly Belly, unveil a sweet surprise – the Reebok x Jelly Belly footwear collection. Featuring silhouettes for both adults and children, the line is inspired by the extensive collection of Jelly Belly gourmet jelly bean flavors.

Those unique flavors are represented in both the bold colors on the shoes as well as illustrated on the sockliners of each model. The shoes even incorporate a literal representation of Jelly Belly’s signature sweetness by using a sustainable bio textile that is sourced from sugarcane, the same plant used to create sugar, which makes for some truly sweet kicks.

Details on the silhouettes featured in the collection include:

  • Club C Legacy (AED 499, GZ6881) – This Club C Legacy is inspired by BeanBoozled, a game developed by Jelly Belly in which players spin a wheel and eat the jelly bean that matches the color it lands on. The catch is that the pack contains two versions of each color – one tasty (ex. Tutti-Fruitti) and one weird and wild (ex. Stinky Socks). The upper of the shoe references all the BeanBoozled flavors in the latest 6th edition version as well as the “CAUTION” graphic from the packaging. Available in adult sizing.

  • Instapump Fury (AED 899, GW3388) – Featuring some of the brightest fruit flavors Jelly Belly has to offer this Instapump has a multi-color upper referencing the sour cherry, pink grapefruit, Berry Blue, lime and plum flavors. The silhouette also features silicone details on the toe and PUMP bladder. Available in infant, pre-school, grade school and adult sizing.

  • Club C Revenge (AED 475, GV8263) – Inspired by classic summer treats the Reebok x Jelly Belly Club C Revenge keeps the iconic chalk upper and incorporates colorful details from the featured flavors – from strawberry daiquiri to caramel corn – on the stripes, tongue, heel and lining. The top lace hole has even been replaced with a chocolate pudding jelly bean detail. Available in infant, pre-school, grade school and adult sizing.

  • Club C Legacy (AED 499, GZ6884) – This version of the classic silhouette features some of your favorite flavors including, lemon lime, Island Punch and cream soda. Similarly, to the Club C Revenge, this shoe retains its iconic chalk upper but is overlaid with some of the bold colors inspired by the beloved flavors. Other features include contrast stitching throughout and a gradient mid panel. Available in adult sizing.

  • Classic Leather Legacy (AED 475, GW3376) – Rounding out the collection is the Reebok x Jelly Belly Classic Leather Legacy which incorporates some of the most iconic Jelly Belly flavors including licorice, Tutti-Fruitti and bubblegum. Each of these flavors, and more, are represented in the colors of the shoe, which is covered in an eye-catching gradient upper. Available in adult sizing.

Campaign visuals and product imagery from the collection can be found HERE.

The Reebok x Jelly Belly footwear collection will be available across selected Reebok Stores and retailers and online partners in unisex sizing on September 28th.


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