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Regina, a work of art that is exquisitely Mouawad

New videos showcase what makes this emerald and diamond suite a true masterpiece

Every great work of art has an origin. Now, Mouawad invites you to journey beyond the exceptional features and incredible innovation of the Regina Emerald and Diamond Suite to discover who and what gave life to this true masterpiece.

Meaning ‘queen’ in Latin, the Regina Emerald and Diamond Suite exudes an unforgettable presence, evoking themes of power, beauty and freedom through its extraordinary gemstones and innovative design. The crowning glory, literally and metaphorically, of this suite is the necklace, featuring 54.03 carat of octagonal vivid green Colombian emeralds, whose lush hues are haloed by 95.43 carat of brilliant white diamonds. Yet, even more incredible is that the necklace transforms into a crown, giving its wearer the choice of whether to adorn her neck or wear this breathtaking creation as a regal headpiece. No matter how the necklace is worn, it is beautifully complemented by the bracelet, earrings and ring that complete this suite.

In total, 90.34 carat of emeralds and 160.23 carat of diamonds were acquired through a rigorous process that ensures all gemstones are ethically sourced, before being brought to life by the hands of Mouawad designers, artists, and craftsmen in an innovative design. To create the Regina masterpiece, Mouawad’s experts united their exceptional talent to leverage innovation, technical prowess, and sheer creativity. Prized by royalty throughout the centuries, emeralds take center stage in the Regina design. Sourcing an outstanding selection of octagonal vivid green Colombian emeralds, Mouawad expert designers imagined a suite in which the unparalleled green of the emeralds would be highlighted by an exceptional selection of diamonds.

For this exceptional work of art, innovation was key to the design, with the necklace’s ability to transform into a crown imbuing the Regina suite with the power to dazzle beyond compare. In the first video launched featuring the Regina Suite, the focus is on the mastery of these Mouawad craftsmen, revealing their roles in elevating this creation to true masterpiece status and in perpetuating Mouawad’s passion for ‘Crafting the Extraordinary’ since 1890. A second video focuses on the ability of Regina to reflect the wearer’s mood and emotions, whether as a crown or necklace, imparting a feeling that is exquisitely Mouawad.

Click here to watch the video and to discover more of Mouawad's exquisite creation, schedule an appointment now.


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