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Inspired by the shape of the cliffs of Antifer in Normandy, the timeless Antifer collection is characterized by a simple line forming a cliff, which stacks architecturally in an asymmetrical rhythm. Nine years after its launch, Antifer still amazes with its modern design and continues to reinvent itself with a new wearable piece.

Once again Repossi, through Gaia Repossi’s hands, shows its modernity and avant-gardism, unveiling a unique ring: a timeless but everyday version of the iconic Antifer design, hand crafted in Italy with a great attention to details.

Each row is created separately by the technique of lost-wax casting, taken back and polished by the jeweler, before being assembled.

The assembling is made thanks to 3 gold pins that maintain the whole, and the position of each ring is decided with a very precise angle in order to give coherence to the whole.

The empty space between each ring is studied to ensure the reading of the angles, specific to Antifer collection. From the inside of the ring, it is possible to see each row separately. In a monobloc, the inside would be smooth.

A variation of the iconic Antifer 4-raws paved ring, in a plain pink gold version. A ring that can be worn on a daily basis yet is a strong and powerful piece.


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