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SICIS Jewels: Exquisite Novelties at DJWE

SICIS Jewels makes its return to the Gulf and will be participating at the Doha Jewellery & Watches Exhibition in Qatar inside Al Fardan Jewellery Booth, the high-profile gathering for jewellery aficionados, global brands, and aspiring designers who will have the opportunity to discover and wear the latest creations of the Italian brand, famous for its small masterpieces in micro mosaic and precious stones.

Multicoloured butterflies, one of SICIS Jewels favourite designs, will be making its debut at Doha. The collection includes rings with remarkably realistic effects, rich in details, and characterized by different colours of sapphires and white diamonds.

The brand-new Ribbon collection will also be showcased, incorporating rings and necklaces in the shape of a bow, inspired by the dresses of the famous Degas dancers. where different colored octagonal step cut gemstone stands at the center of each piece.

In addition to the novelties, the brand’s most iconic pieces will also be demonstrated, such as the splendid Damisa necklace, depicting a perfect jaguar covered with micro mosaic splinters and sapphires, holding an imperial topaz between its paws, the Quetzal set, whose refined green plumage recalls the colors of the Amazon rainforest, and the Tesserae rings collection, characterized by an exquisite central gemstone of exceptional carat weight that can be worn with or without its majestic micro mosaic jacket.

You can also explore the true collector’s items, the SICIS Jewels Watches: the marvelous Gardenia with its multicolored petals and the Memento Mori series, that emphasize the concept of the fleetingness of time.

Last but not least, SICIS Jewels prêt-à-porter line, inspired by lucky symbols and alphabet letters mixing passionate colors and designs will also be showcased at the exhibition.


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