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Sit Down with Seth Fights Cancer Through Fitness

Qatar’s  fastest-growing  Sports, Fitness and Health podcast, “Sit Down with Seth” continues on it s mission to inspire fitness and an active lifestyle, and with that, this month the podcast and its comedic host Seth, are fittingly promoting changing lives through  fun draining  its  initiative for Breast Cancer Awareness. 

As Doha’s first podcast dedicated to all things for an active lifestyle within Qatar, Sit Down with Seth is a key go-to platform that streams on the Facebook channel of market leaders Force Sport, and as such every Friday morning for the month of October, the platform will capture Seth competing in the global CrossFit Games Open. 

Kicking off on October 10, viewers can follow Seth on a ‘tour’ around Qatar’s prominent  CrossFit locations, such as OX Fitness, T23, CrossFit Oryx and Strong Box amongst others, all who have over hundreds of active members taking part in the acclaimed Opens. This Friday segment will be followed by Saturday morning podcasts featuring industry guest experts, who will be sharing their invaluable knowledge, as well as guiding and encouraging viewers on to fitness  lifestyle.

Amongst the fitness experts joining Seth, will be some of Qatar’s prominent sporting female athletes, who collectively are championing the campaign “Early Detection Saves Lives”. Appearing on the podcast will be  Great  Britain’s  Olympic kayaker, European & World Champion Lani  Amber, acclaimed personal trainer and fitness entrepreneur  Jade Upton, Roxana Tatar, Qatar’s local athlete, and the show’s co-host  Larani Thexton. 

Fresh off the heel of the success of Qatar hosting the IAAF, and with World Cup 2022 in the horizon, there has never been a more exciting time for sport and fitness within the country, and with 1 in 8 women  reported to be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime,  Sit Down with Seth is rallying viewers to turn their sporting passion into raising  funds  for Qatar  Cancer  Society (QCS).  

Editor’s Notes

You can follow Seth’s Open journey on Instagram @SitDownwithSeth and the live podcast can be viewed every Saturday at 11am on Facebook page @ForceSportsIntl


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