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Sleep: master your superpower with LYMA

The quest for a good night sleep is now a hallmark of modern life, with increased stress, anxiety, screen time and diet blamed for the surge in people globally experiencing issues with sleep.

While elaborate night-time routines, and ineffective sleep aids are increasingly used as a last-ditch attempt to get an all-important good night’s sleep, the experts at LYMA, the London based well-tech company, are helping people achieve just that. LYMA is taking people beyond the ceiling of traditional wellness, and has forged a paradigm shift in sleep supplements, with people moving away from knock-you-out sedatives to brain enhancing formulas that optimise sleep, without compromising daytime functioning. The reason for this shift is that scientists have realised that sleep is a dynamic process, incorporating many different processes that a traditional night-time supplement doesn’t address.

The LYMA Supplement is the only formula in the world to incorporate nine patented, peer-reviewed ingredients, each at the proven dosage level, offering a proven medical-grade nutraceutical. In stark contrast to organic formulas that have no proven efficacy LYMA stands behind the science, offering real results.

Deeper, more restful, sleep is one of the benefits customers report seeing a change in shortly after beginning their LYMA regime. This is driven by the key patented ingredients below which are engineered to enhance aspects of brain function in a way that is designed to improve sleep onset and quality.

· KSM-66® Ashwagandha 600mg; the most extensively studied ashwagandha, proven to improve stress and anxiety resistance, promote relaxation, improve quality of sleep and reduce and maintain normal cortisol levels to help calm you down and relax the body and mind. This is the most effective and bioavailable form of ashwagandha for human consumption.

  • affron® 28mg; the first and only saffron extract to be supported with peer-reviewed clinical evidence. Six independent, peer-reviewed, randomised, double-blind studies confirm it has positive benefits on mood and sleep quality. The active compounds in affron® act on the specific genes, ion channels and neurons that impact sleep and mood hormones. affron® not only promotes restorative sleep, it also supports the maintenance of positive mood and makes it easier to manage anxiety.

  • HydroCurc® 600mg; the most bioavailable turmeric extract, delivering the highest load of curcuminoids on the market. LYMA formulates at a daily dose of 600mg which supports neurochemical function. HydroCurc® is the only turmeric extract recognised in peer-reviewed medical journals to have anti-inflammatory benefits, nothing else comes close.

  • Cognizin® 250mg; a highly purified form of citicoline is lauded ‘the ultimate brain nutrient’ by academics. Our brain accounts for less than 2% of our body weight, but consumers 20% of our body’s energy. Ageing decreases the amount of available energy produced by the brain and Cognizin® supports brain health by helping our cells produce optimal energy for ultimate cellular function.

  • Levagen+® 350mg; the newest addition to the LYMA formula. Levagen+® has been proven in the Journal of Sleep Science Practice, to help people fall asleep three times faster compared to placebo, improve sleep quality and help people feel refreshed when they wake up in the morning.

Dr Michael Grandner, certified in Behavioural Sleep Medicine and an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychiatry in the College of Medicine at the University of Arizona comments, “Sleep has its fingers in every system so by strengthening the immune system, improving blood flow or supporting energy balance, you can impact the sleep system indirectly and improve it. Sleep is a universal process that the whole body uses and there are many different pathways to improving the quality of sleep. LYMA recognizes that your body is in night mode, that it’s time to regenerate and the premium formulation boosts those functions, making the body’s nocturnal processes even more effective. That’s where the future of the sleep is and that's why I believe LYMA are leading the way.”

Debunking the myths surrounding poor sleep, Dr Grandner continues “You don’t wake up because you need the bathroom, you go to the bathroom because you woke up. Nobody ever sleeps through the night, a typical adult wakes up about ten times, but doesn’t remember because these awakenings are typically under three minutes. They happen during sleep transitions when sleep becomes fragile. A healthy person will fall back to sleep, but if you haven’t properly switched off from the day, or have background cellular inflammation, when a natural awakening happens, a thought enters your head, consciousness latches onto this and you wake up, which is called ‘conditioned arousal’. Optimal sleep health is when you are able to fall straight back to sleep during a natural awakening.”

Founder of LYMA, Lucy Goff says: “A good, quality night’s sleep is so important as it’s so intrinsically liked to how we feel and perform. We’re working with proper science, to help our customers feel their best. So much of the supplement industry is bunkum – meaningless doses of ingredients, often not in a form that is bioavailable – which is why LYMA is different and why LYMA works.”

And don’t just take LYMA’s word for it:

Julian had a serious sleep problem that caused him to wake every night, with zero hope of drifting back off. After years of trying every sleep remedy recommended to him, LYMA caught his eye and within days, his sleep changed dramatically. Healthier than ever, he offered to provide a review of the LYMA supplements. Just don’t ask him to come off it…

Karen was a chronic insomniac so was thrilled to be offered the opportunity of a solution that might just help. After three months on LYMA, Karen frequently gets 7 or 8 hours straight every night, her anxiety has all but gone, and she puts this down to her newfound sleep and LYMA…


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