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Tagared for Perfumes

Taghareed Al Dabbabgh

Tagared’s interest with perfumes and interest started from a very young age, she was so fascinated by perfumes so she started collecting perfumes from various brands. Her collection grew bigger over the years and she started mixing and matching fragrances until she gained excellent skills in fragrances.

Tagared for Perfumes started when Tagared started to feel like there are certain aromas missing from her collection so she started making her own fragrances. She started with six perfumes that are named after gemstones, they are: Emerald, Spinel, Granet Star, Soglite, Calcite, Goshenet. 

Each one of them has its own unique fragrance to satisfy every different taste. 

A new addition to Tagared’s line is “Qatar’s Essence” and it is truly a scent that many Qataris like to smell in every season.

You can purchase Tagared For Perfumes thru Instagram currently, the brand will have its own store soon.  


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