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“THE DREAMSTATE” Magda Butrym Bag

Three important pillars of the collection: Gowns | Head scarves | Magda Bag

There have been numerous incarnations of Magda’s female muse. The pre-fall 2023 collection underscores the significance of this evolution and seeks to find an even greater understanding of femininity, this time through print and rich, luxurious fabrics and ever evolving sharp tailoring. Less is more, and the body form of an open back and décolletage on the show has always been a timeless reveal of classic sexiness rather than the overt and obvious. Still celebrating the female form, the corset inserted into many dresses provides the secret support for the perfect shape. At first glance, a beautifully simple dress, but look closely, and the ensemble shows intricate details.

The dresses have meters and meters of delicate silk or crochet. These, along with miniskirts and numerous fabric styles, are a further adaptation of the rose's sculptural pieces in seasons past and now sit assuredly in the story. Infusing that raw character, richness and sensuality into every piece. Craftsmanship, one of the brand’s building blocks, is this time, channelled beyond the traditional use of just detail into creating complete silhouettes. - Gowns: long dresses. in various fabrics. Bodycon and delicate fabrics. Styled with flat ballet flats, which is a novelty! i.e., more casual gowns mixed with more elegant, of course, high heels, etc.

There are two dresses with the lightest fabric in the world, haze silk (one in a grey floral print and the other transparent with sequins sewn on). - Head scarfs: some are integral to the dresses and bodysuits but will be sold separately. A bow to Polishness, a tribute to Polish roots. A nod to grandma's chic style but in an exquisite and stylish edition with flowers that are integral to Magda's every collection. - Magda Bag: a bag - a rose. Evolution of this handbag model. We have developed the model which was introduced in the SS23 collection. There were 3, now there will be nearly 20 - different sizes: micro, mini, regular; different handles: leather strap or pearl strap; different fabrics and colours: crochet, jersey in floral print., crystals, silk satin.


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