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The House, Carolina Herrera Pre-Fall Winter 2024 runway collection

The Pre-Fall collection unfolds as the first two chapters of a three-part visual biography, illustrating the multifaceted life of the ultimate muse of the House, Carolina Herrera. An inimitable woman who has had and continues to live diverse and fabulous chapters of her life, her personal style throughout each phase serves as the inspiration for Creative Director Wes Gordon this season.

Chapter One The first chapter of the collection finds Carolina, and the Herrera woman, transported to the romantic gardens of La Vega, the Herrera family estate in Venezuela. An oasis of blooming flowers and the purveying spirit of romance and beauty form the backdrop of looks that make up this chapter, featuring soft floral prints, organza in Delphinium Blue and Peony Pink, and cascading ruffles. She is dancing and twirling in a delirious whirl of laughter, a burst of feminine energy within the walls of the Venezuelan estate.

Chapter Two The late Seventies and early Eighties take Carolina and her family to New York, in her quest to conquer Seventh Avenue. As a mother of four young children in the midst of founding her own business, soft romantic layers are replaced with disciplined and considered tailoring, an image of feminine power and control in an otherwise male-dominated industry.

The focus on daywear becomes paramount, with a modern streamlined silhouette reflecting Gordon’s Herrera woman of today, without sacrificing an inch of beauty or glamour. The seasonal oeuvre culminates with Chapter Three, the Fall Winter 2024 runway collection, which will focus on Carolina in her incarnation as the doyenne of the dazzling social world of Manhattan.


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