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The Must-Have Summer Dresses Designed for the Region

Summer’s heating up! (Well, this may be an understatement - it's scorching!) The heart of the summer will arrive sooner than you think, and with temperatures on the rise, the time to shop for easy sweet summer dresses is now. After months of casual stay-at-home attire (shout out to our most loyal sweatpants and pyjamas), the need for easy, stylish, single-item outfits is more essential than ever.

We’re most excited by the ones that have a loose fit without compromising on the silhouette. And not to mention the printed frocks in standout brights, and eclectic prints should you want to make a statement. You also need to ready yourself for beach days (yes, kaftans are a form of dress!) and wedding season. For those, consider a floaty floral frock, an essential all-white dress, or a good old fashion sundress.

A great example of a brand taking cues from the current climate is Leem - they have given special attention to chic comfort. Making a statement for summer is the inclusion of “comfort dresses”, think easy-breezy shapes and not to mention their transitional dresses, which make for cooler wear during the summer months with a built-in dress and abaya styles that form one piece, without the need for layering.

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