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It’s the house where all the friends end up in, to share ideas, talk about the party from the night before, and swap looks. Chats on the couch can turn into impromptu styling sessions, trying on each other’s clothes. Graffiti and floral prints are mixed and matched with soft tweeds, bleached knits, and pastel tailoring. Men’s and women’s wear are cut with Dsquared2 codes: combat pants with patch pockets, the Canadian flag as a canvas for T-shirts and sweatshirts, jeans and chinos tagged and illustrated in the same way a student’s yearbook is signed by classmates after graduating. Upholstery florals—like those you see in grandma’s home—weave nostalgic romance with more attitude pieces of oversized sweatshirts, flocked velvet denim overalls, and a camouflage print created from tag style spray-painted design come in skirts and jackets.

Her collection has a youthful, feminine vibe. Peach and sky-blue crepe tailored boyfriend jackets and loose cropped pants, tweed style jackets and miniskirts and the wallpaper flower print in shirts and silk dresses. These looks, plus bralettes in crystals are complemented with super bleached wide leg jeans and denim shorts, red-and- black check skirts, a leopard print jacket, its spots spray painted. Hand knitted crochet hats and scarves, and feminine accessories include a leather beauty case and mini rattan shoulder bag with D2 gold hardware, as well as pink rose earrings and necklaces, contrast against graffiti platform soled chunky heel lace-up boots, and padded strap sandals.

Designed to be worn layered, the men’s collection explores military style with streetwear and grunge. Standout outerwear is accented in detail and hand feel: a trench covered in graffiti, papery fine nylon jackets and shirt. Hybrid pants are constructed from bleached chino fabric mixed with jersey, as are denim and sweatshirt hooded jackets. Camouflage patterns are created from stripes and graffiti tagging on cotton canvas pants and jackets, and tie-dye appears on sweatshirts. Denim is bleached out, or in dark washes embellished with drawings and words, or hand- painted in limited edition styles, and the graphic monogram canvas found in accessories is stonewashed and softened in a pants and a jean jacket. Evening wear also has a laidback approach, tuxedos are worn with T-shirts and jackets. Trinkets in sparkling rings and necklaces and baseball caps are swapped between friends. Dsquared2 sneakers feature mixed materials, or are graffitied, and are part of the new shoe collection which includes suede desert boots and slippers and sandals with padded straps. The Dsquared2 monogram in new hues of blue shades is crafted in totes and duffels.


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