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Things you should do more of and Tips. Static/Eccentric exercises for upper Body and Core.

Everyone thinks to develop your upper body and core strength it is done by doing thousands of reps and lifting the heaviest set of dumbbells you can find. When in fact you don't have to touch any weights your bodyweight is enough to develop a basic or elite level of strength.

Exercises such as holding High or Low plank, & hollow body hold for upto 2mins will give you good core strength. (When performed correctly I must add).

Examples of upper body bodyweight exercises you can perform eccentric to help develop strength, eccentric pull ups, press ups & tricep dips. Lowering yourself in the direct of gravities pull will not only help you develop strength & muscle but will help strength in neves and ligaments around the working area.


Stretching is probably skipped part of exercise but one of the most important, skipping stretching is like putting no oil in your car, the engine will start to grind then seize up then stall, it happens in reverse with the body, first the seizing up then maybe grinding and then the stalling (lose the ability to lengthen that muscle).


Reduces the chances of injury.

Improves performance

Increases in range of motion

Improve performance.

Mobility v flexibility

Mobility is strength in a range of motion at a muscle joint without restrictions or discomfort.

Flexibility is length of a muscle.

Richard Anthony Palmer

Tip for weighing yourself.

Weighing in.

A lot of people put themselves under some self induced press when it comes to weighing themselves. Some don’t do it enough some people do it too much, so I’m going to give you some tips on what you I think you should be doing that best suits you.

So first all of all you need to decide on what your goal is, is it weight lost/weight gain, are you just maintaining, are you competing in a competition that requires you to be a certain weight.

If your weight goal is weight loss/weight gain or competing in comp, then weighing yourself everyday maybe once more is the option for you BUT here are the PROS and CONS.


- You’ll know straight away whether what you doing is working or not so no surprises after waiting a week or 2.

- Closely monitoring what’s going on and identifying trends can boost your confidence.

- Consent reminder of your goal.

- You learn to hold yourself accountable.

- You become more aware of your body.

- You might eat less junk food.


- Many things can effect the number that appears on the scales

- Weighing yourself is very much for the cool headed people and understand how body weigh works. Some people may trigger anxiety/panic and you don’t see the right number will affect your day and could start to lead to depression or making changes to the nutrition that don’t actually need to happen and then eating disorders.

- Could become an obsession.

If your goal is to maintain weight, weekly or fortnightly should be enough.

The best time to way yourself is first thing in the morning and to do it at the same time of the day if you do, do it everyday and more than one a day.

by Richard Anthony Palmer


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