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Timeless with Mouawad

True glamour is timeless. Throughout the iconic styles of decades gone by to the fashions of today and beyond, the ability of precious gemstones to convey powerful femininity and express the wearer’s unique identity is unquestionable. This is the inspiration behind the new #TimelessWithMouawad campaign.

The #TimelessWithMouawad campaign launches with models evoking moods from times past, wearing unique Mouawad handcrafted suites of jewelry set with diamonds, sapphires and topaz.

Mouawad Co-Guardians Fred, Alain and Pascal Mouawad commented: “Women’s affinity with and love for extraordinary gemstones is well documented, from ancient civilizations to the golden age of Hollywood and far beyond. The #TimelessWithMouawad campaign invites our audience to time travel visually and appreciate how Mouawad’s ability to craft extraordinary jewelry makes it eternally desirable.”

Among the masterpieces featured in the #TimelessWithMouawad campaign is a stunning diamond suite composed of a matching necklace, bracelet, earrings and ring, set with more than 100 carat of diamonds. Another sees a 64.64 carat sapphire and 35.78 carat diamond necklace conjure timeless elegance by being paired with two rings, one featuring a 12.83 carat Sri Lankan sapphire and 6.97 carat of diamonds, and the second featuring a 31.02 carat Burmese sapphire and 4.20 carat of diamonds. Embodying a beauty that persists beyond time are the Imperial Topaz suite, featuring some of the world’s finest precious topaz stones totaling 166.51 carat set against 63.78 carat of diamonds, and a dazzling blue sapphire and diamond suite, set with more than 140 carat of sapphires and more than 20 carat of diamonds, whose harmony and symmetry exude a glamour that is eternal.

To discover more of Mouawad’s extraordinary jewelry, schedule an appointment now.



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