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TMB SS20 Collection: Between Innovation and Tradition

SS20 Collection fosters once again the dominant values of TMB: lightness and comfort of the ZG suit and jacket.

Fabrics are soft, elastic and technological, while shapes are fluid, pouching and completed by accessories and new smart ideas which make the look more elegant, contemporary and suitable for a less formal but still elegant man, who travels and deals with an international environment: the hood instead of the shell; pants with coulisse and elastic ankle cuffs for a sporty chic bearing in accordance with current trends; T-shirts or polo shirts instead of classic shirts; sneakers instead of lace-ups.

Summer is the inspiration for cotton and linen fabrics, which are dyed in white and ecru. The palette for light wool fabrics, which are more formal, goes from steel grey to the intense TMB Blue Code. Both these colors are the distinctive features of the brand.

The landscape of Marche region is the source of inspiration for the capsule that reproduces rich green and can be easily matched with white linens. Moreover this capsule is perfect for a sporty and dynamic style, which reminds about the see and summer evenings at sailing clubs on the coasts of the Adriatic see near Monte Conero.


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