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Valentino Vintage expands its universe with three new locations

Uncovering the hidden knowledgewithin Valentino Vintagepieces - Valentino Vintage reveals the Maison’s historicalconstellation of design icons, bringingthe past into the future.

16 February 2023 - Valentino Vintage launched in 2022, with an online space and a physical takeover in four vintage stores worldwide (Milan, Tokyo, New York, and Los Angeles). Customers could exchange their Valentino garments giving them a second life and celebrating a creative, transformative, and authenticindividuality.

Valentino Vintage now returns with a secondedition to furtherexpand its universewith three new locations in its global network of iconic vintage stores (with London, Paris, and Seoul added to the original locations in Milan, Tokyo, New York,and Los Angeles).

With the first phase launching online in February, followed in Aprilby special takeoversof the seven selected vintage boutiques, ValentinoVintage invites the public into a new circular system in which past Valentinopieces embark on a new journey by moving from hand to hand.

In addition, Valentino Vintage announces a creative partnership with 1 Granary, exploring archival fashion as a tool for future creativity and inviting the next generation of creative talentinto the multidimensional world of Valentino Vintage. Seven design schools in the seven cities will receive an exclusive donation of clothes, so students can learn more about the historical heritage of the Maison.

Embracing the conscious-driven mindset of the Maison, Valentino Vintage generates andre-generates a new creativity, reawakening timeless beauty while building, together, a community that is ever more attentiveand aware.

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