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ABBRACCIO ring and earrings

in 18K rose gold

A ring with sculptural lines and sophisticatedly simple design: Abbraccio, one of Vhernier’s icons. Sinuous and curvy, Abbraccio comes in the celebrated rose gold edition, in classic Vhernier white gold – warmer since it is not rhodium plated – and a full pave diamond edition, exceptionally luminous as there is virtually no metal at all between the stones.

ABBRACCIO ring and earrings

in full diamonds pavé

The last addition is a new demi-pavé version: the white gold band features a diamond trim, created exclusively – true to Vhernier tradition – with the very finest stones available in terms of purity, colour and cut. While epitomising the brand’s understated style, this edition retains the distinctive feel and timeless elegance which have made the ring so famous.

ABBRACCIO ring and earrings

in full black and white

diamonds pavé

VHERNIER is an Italian jewelry brand that draws its inspiration from modern and contemporary art. The brand was founded in 1984 with the vocation to create jewels that are brave, new, and unusual. From the beginning it has committed to its passion for the exploration of form, matter and color, and based its research and identity on the finest characteristics stemming from the legacy of Italian art. VHERNIER’s creations have come to be recognized and appreciated for their use of bold volumes and color. Each piece is an entirely unique item, crafted by hand by highly skilled artisans in the workshops located in Valenza, in the province of Alessandria, Italy.

ABBRACCIO ring and earrings

in18K white gold


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